About me

About me


Since I've been a child, I have a shared passion for all different kinds of media production with my grandfather who worked at IBM. He likes to talk about everything, from photography to film and from cars to cameras, and I like to listen and learn from his experience.

This sparked my passion for a lot of creative hobbies such as photography, creative writing or graphic design.

Over the years, these hobbies, as well as my apprenticeship as a media designer, taught me a lot, and today I help ethical and sustainable businesses to grow (online) through user-focused design.

My path to media Design

In secondary school, I started to make friends to share my growing passion for technology, photography & aesthetics with.

So in 9th grade, I got to know Yannick Krohn – a classmate and, till this day, a good friend of mine who used to build apps and websites in his free time. During a graphic design course, he noticed that I'm quite passionate about photo editing & graphic design and asked me to help him with a project he was working on. Of course I wanted to help him, so I edited photos and created icons for his project, and, most importantly, learnt a lot about the process of graphic design as well as my software.

Interactions such as this one eventually drove me to my apprenticeship as a media designer digital and print, at the Macromedia Academy in Hamburg. Starting in November 2014, I learnt a lot about how to design & build websites, how to make long texts more legible, which associations different colours have, which design principles are applicable to digital design and much more.
In January 2018, I successfully completed my final exam for my apprenticeship.

My path to UX & UI Design

In 2016, I got the chance to participate in a workshop about Design Thinking during an internship at Shaken not Stirred Consulting, a digital agency in Hamburg & Hannover.

This one workshop helped me to better understand different Design Principles and taught me that Design is not just about aesthetics, but more about the problems and goals of the users and how the functions of a platform help its users to navigate towards their goals. It also helped me to learn how good design helps businesses to attract more customers.

Everything I learnt during this one workshop made me curious to learn more about Design Principles such as Design Thinking, and I began to read a lot of articles, to watch movies and to read books about it. Curiously, most of the content was authored & published by User Experience (“UX”) Designers and User Interface (“UI”) Designers.
So, as I learnt more about Design principles, I also learnt what the tasks of UX & UI Designers are and realized, that this is what I'd like to do one day.

My path to ethics & sustainability

Beginning in 2016, I became more aware of the ecological and ethical problems that the production of our everyday objects, such as food and clothing, is causing: I began to understand that big brands in the fast-fashion industry exploit humans on a large scale and that the animal agriculture industry exploits and kills more than 50 billion animals every year. When I learnt that these industries are also one of the biggest global polluters, I started to search for and adapt to better alternatives, such as fair fashion, second-hand items & veganism.

Today, I try to give back to the platforms & businesses that helped me to find better alternatives and that make an ethical- and ecological-conscious lifestyle more accessible for more people.

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