In the second half of 2019, I got to support the start-up "Heloco" with the idea for an online platform that allows health-conscious people to easily find personal trainers, nutritionists and gyms in their area.
I took responsibility for the Corporate Design of Heloco and the UX & UI Design of the platform.


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The Challenge

Upon joining the small team of Heloco in Hamburg, I was pitched with their idea for a central online platform that'll enable health-conscious people to easily find qualified and independent personal trainers, nutritionists and gyms in their area. For providers, the platform was meant to simplify the management of their courses, their advertisements and the communication with their customers.

Initially, I joined the team to help with the design of their idea for a user-centered platform. During our first meeting, I realized that a consistent corporate design had a higher priority for the team, since they were still in the process of pitching to personal trainers and nutritionists and wanted a consistent and beautiful presentation for that, as well as some nice business cards.

So, for the first few weeks, I tackled the challenge of the corporate design by brainstorming and creating font selections, colour palettes and logo ideas. A few weeks later, I began working on the UX & UI of the platform.

Discovering possible logo ideas with different fonts
A variety of logo design ideas for Heloco

The Design Process

The design of the Heloco-logo and the corporate design was a nice challenge for me, since this was the first time I designed a complete corporate design from scratch.

I started the process by researching logos and corporate designs from competing platforms, to figure out what type of fonts, colours and logo styles they use to communicate with their audience. With that in mind, I started figuring out what the logo of Heloco should communicate and started working on a variety of logo ideas.
With the direction figured out, I also created a small selection of different fonts and a broad colour palette, that were in line with the logo ideas.

For the UX Design of the platform, I started to write a rough concept with the targeted audience in mind and researched a few competing platforms, to figure out how they're guiding their users through their experience. With these informations in mind, I started working on the user flow and some wireframes for the key functions of Heloco.

I reserved further ideas and design decisions for the next meeting with the whole team, since I wanted to get the team on board with my ideas. I wanted to make sure that I'm heading into the right direction before making the next steps.

Mockup for one of the Heloco logo designs
Wireframes for a possible administration area

The Result

Unfortunately, this meeting never came to be, which is why I have no real results that I can show off for this project.

We, as a team, never had the chance to move the project and our ideas forward, due to the lack of time of my teammates and some miscommunication with the team.
Despite multiple efforts to communicate with and contribute to the team, all communications and the project came to a stop by the end of the year.

This experience taught me that it's a good practice to agree on a clear goal, when the next meeting will be and what will be discussed during that meeting, before investing time and effort into a complex design processes.

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