Online presentation about the dynamic style options with SASS.

I created this online presentation about the dynamic style options of the CSS modification "SASS" during my apprenticeship in 2015.


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The Challenge

In the first year of my apprenticeship as a media designer digital and print, our online lecturer commissioned us to research different web frameworks, so that we could present them to each other and learn about common web frameworks and their functions. So I started researching for frameworks that I would use in future projects.

While downloading files of several frameworks, I realized that many of them used ".sass", ".scss" or ".less" files. While discussing this discovery with fellow trainees, I realized that this didn't just occur in the frameworks I downloaded, but in almost every popular web framework.

Since nobody of us knew what exactly these files are, how they are being used and why they are useful, I knew I wanted to address this knowledge gap in my presentation.

SASS = Syntatically Awesome Style Sheets

The Design Process

I discussed my discovery and idea with our online lecturer and he agreed & allowed me to prepare a presentation about these file extensions and their meanings.

While doing my research, I quickly found out that these type of files are "modified" forms of CSS, used for styling purposes. These "modified" CSS formats offer benefits over classic CSS-files, such as variables or nesting of classes & styles.

To teach the class about what I found out about SASS and simultaneously learn more about it in the fastest way possible, I decided to code a presentation website using SASS for it's styling.

Building & debugging the website for my presentation
Explaining the pros & cons of SASS

The Result

After finishing my research and the website in about a week, I used it as a "red thread" to tell my fellow trainees what I found out about SASS, SCSS & LESS, how & why they are being used and which benefits they offer.

After the presentation I asked everyone for feedback, and it was very positive throughout. My lecturer even told me that he was amazed by how fast I taught myself SASS and how well and fast I managed to explain it.

Due to my learnings in this project, I was able to help fellow trainees in future projects in regards to SASS, SCSS & LESS as well as the implementation of helpful frameworks.

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